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Future Virtual Environments

You may think the 2D SecondLife is not very realistic in look, however the activities on SecondLife are as real as those happening in the real world.

Video: Ray Kurzweil Explores the Next Phase of Virtual Reality [4:34]

The next step is 3D virtual experiential environments, controlled through eyeglasses or goggles in a full immersion environment.

10 years on - things will be a lot more realistic, but still requiring additional devices to interact with the Virtual environment

20-25 years - Nanobots in our bodies will manage our health, interacting with our brain neurons to extend our memories and enter VR from within the nervious system - the signals generated from our our own eyes.

These environments will be a natural extension of reality. They will be more detailed and more imaginative. The immersion experiences will be significant educational, therapeutic and entertainment tools.

Intelligent games such as IBM's involvement with the game Jeopardy and even Wii games are extending the interaction between human and computers.

Computers are already doing tasks that used to require human intelligence, but as we understand more about the human brain we will progress our ability to integrate artificial intelligence into normal daily human lives.

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