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Creativity and the Brain

The right-hand side of the brain takes a more holistic view of information than the left brain and enjoys patterns. Thus, it is the more creative half of the brain.

Most people are either left brain dominant [analytical] or right brain dominant [creative]. The corpus callosum connecting the 2 halves of the brain is thicker in people whose right side of the brain is dominant.

Highly creative people become adept at using both sides of their brain most efficiently.

Edward de Bono provided insight into insight, creativity and humor - three exclusive states largely due to the high efficiency of the mind. The mind functions to create patterns out of its surroundings. As these patterns are used they become ever more firmly established. When past experiences are later retrieved, they are often distorted by such patterns, making recall highly subjective.

Where the left brain is very linear and sequential in the way it approaches a problem, the right brain is lateral, seeking out multiple possibilities that may or may not relate to previous known facts. Thus, more creative solutions are proposed.


Video [1:49] Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain



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