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The Computer Brain

Today's computers are essentially only equipped to deal with very fast mathematical type algorithms. To date, they have not advanced sufficiently to mimic the brains ability to process complex streams of information in real time.

However, advances in our understanding of biology, mean that scientists now believe they can model a new generation of computers on how the brain actually works. The brain functions using microscopic chemical interactions and electrical impulses that translate sensations into knowledge and knowledge into decisions and actions.

IBM and Numenta, a Silicon Valley startup are heading the project of the world's first supercomputer. The brain behind Numenta, Jeff Hawkins, invented the first successful handheld computer, the PalmPilot, and the first successful smartphone, the Handspring Treo. However, his real passion has been on how the cerebral cortex works and applying that knowledge to computers.


Video: Making a Computer that Works Like the Brain


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