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IQ Score

It is thought that an individuals IQ continues to develop until age 18, after which it remains the same. However, more recent studies have shown that intelligence is measured across many domains, and these continue to develop or regress at different rates. This is more a factor of ones increased ability to score well on IQ tests rather than an inherent increase in IQ.

IQ tests are therefore widely adopted to indicate a persons relative strengths in different areas of intelligence across a number of disciplines. These are often done in conjunction with personality tests.

An average IQ is = 100

An individual childs IQ is measured as:

Mental Age
_______________ X 100
Chronological Age

The result refers to a scale such as the Stanford-Binet scale which graphs as a standard bell curve, the upper side represented by

  • 50% of the population in USA falls between 90 and 110
  • 25% of the population in USA above 110
  • 11% of the population in USA above 120
  • 3% of the population in USA above 130
  • 0.6% of the population in USA above 140


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