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Developing Dashboards

Developing a dashboard is not complicated. The key is having access to clean, valid KPI data in a timely manner.

The process for developing a dashboard is the same as developing any other business intelligence tool. At a summary level, this includes:

  1. Identify key business strategies
  2. Link peformance KPIs to objectives supporting the strategy
  3. Identify the appropriate location to measure KPI's
  4. Implement measures and collection of data in appropriate time intervals
  5. Store data in a central data respository
  6. Design and develop dashboards for each required role and business area
  7. Integrate use of the dashboard into standard operating procedures **CRITICAL**
  8. Distribute dashboard to users, using login business rules to define view and data portlets
  9. Implement dashboard QA
  10. Monitor and measure dashboard peformance

The best way for managers and users to appreciate the full value of Dashboards is by using a working prototype to demonstrate the effectiveness of the dashboard.

Current dashboard software tools provide full or limited working trial demos.

rich interface applications.

Demo of a Business Objects Crystal Xcelsius dashboard by

More demos of dashboards at Inverra

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