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Business Emotional IQ

At a corporate level, Business Emotional IQ [EIQ] is the capability of the business to manage it's internal and external relationships.

At an employee level, business emotional IQ is about leadership and managing things in a way that others accept.



An overview of Jim Clemmer's popular Management- Leadership chart and how Emotional Intelligence research is proving that these skills are central to leadership.


It is not the IQ dimension that makes great business leaders. The EQ is what drives leadership dimension and makes one person more successful than another. In 40 year study of scientists, EQ was four times more reliable in predicting success than IQ.


Keys To Managing Business EIQ

This short video gives a light-hearted overview of business EIQ [5:56]


Four Key Elements Of Business Emotional IQ

  1. The most important relationships are those below you in the hierarchy - they are the ones that get the core transactional tasks done. This includes IT.
  2. Being nice gets more support than being clever
  3. Be the first to arrive in the morning, rather than the last to leave at night
  4. Be prepared to do the small stuff: the photocopying, order the taxi etc


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