Success in Generating Brain Tissue From Stem Cells

18th November 2008 by Esmart No Comments

Japanese researchers at the Riken Institute have created functioning human brain tissues from stem cells. In a world first, stem cells taken from human embryos were used to form tissues of the cerebral cortex, the supreme control center of the brain.

A significant difference on previous studies was the behaviour of the tissues to self-organise into four distinct zones and conducting neuro-activity such as transmitting electrical signals. In previous studies, stem cells differentiated into distinct cells but had never organised into functioning tissues.

This opens new hopes for cures for diseases such as cancer and diabetes or to replace damaged cells, tissues and organs.

LogicBase 2007 Released For Trial Download

3rd October 2007 by Esmart No Comments

Transparent Logic Technologies has just released its latest version of its workflow and business intelligence application LogicBase.

LogicBase 2007 is released and is available for Public Download and Trial. Download now at:

LogicBase is built on a robust and graphical rule engine to provide powerful configuration options; even non-programmers can assemble and test core rules and processes.LogicBase provides a set of applications to solve common business problems:

New or Significantly Enhanced in 2007 LogicBase 2007 features a large number of enhancements in terms of integration, robust deployment and ease of use.

  • Native integration with Sharepoint and Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF)
  • AJAX based processing in graphical forms and improved graphical themes
  • Over 1100 custom components (business rules, form building, Office integration, database integration, communications via email-SMS-IM, routing, workflow etc)
  • Enhanced graphical debugger
  • Improved workflow task management

Business Intelligence Getting Smarter

1st October 2007 by Esmart No Comments

Welcome to The Intelligence Exchange Blog.  Business intelligence is rapidly becoming the hot competitive edge in all industries.

Where once is was held “Information is Power”…business intelligence is rewriting this to “The Intelligence Use of Information Is Power”.

Gail La Grouw, Coporate Performance Consultant at Coded Vision Consulting say she has been amazed how many large, seemingly successful companies are just sitting on an absolute goldmine of customer data….all in unconnected data silos and not being used for anything other than transaction archiving.

Using business intelligence tools, this data can be turned from a cost center to a significant business asset.

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